Jenn Blunier

Jenn Blunier


  • CF-L1
  • CrossFit for Kids


Jenn has been a teacher for over 15 years, and a CrossFitter for 10 years. The combination of a seasoned and patient educator, and an OG CrossFitter allows her to be a very effective coach.
Jenn’s love for CrossFit is not only founded in her natural desire to be the best she can be, but also in health, in keeping her family healthy and establishing a love for physical fitness and balance in her kids lives.
Jenn is outwardly friendly and inclusive and will make you feel welcome – but once she gets to know you – you’ll know when she expects you to do more, give more, and push more.
Jenn has been married to her college sweetheart and pilot husband Dave for 19 years, they have two awesome daughters, and a couple of retired racing greyhounds. When she isn’t at work, running her kids around, coaching CrossFit, or doing meal prep she is probably enjoying a concert or sporting event. If you need help working on a movement or a strategy for a particular workout, just ask!
Jenn’s favorite moves  are: cleans, burpees
Her favorite WOD is: Diane
Her least favorite move is: Assault Bike

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