Leonard Carrasco

Manager/Head Coach
Leonard Carrasco


  • CF-L2 Trainer
  • USA Weightlifting Level 1 Coach certification
  • CrossFit for Kids


I have always had an interest in sports and fitness. During my 20 years in the Air Force, I always placed myself around anything that included being physically active, e.g. player and coach in intramural sports, powerlifting competitions, volunteering as a physical training leader in my unit, remembrance runs/events, and more. After avoiding all types of peer pressure about CrossFit for several years (yeah, I was that guy) I finally gave in and visited a friend’s box while stationed in Minot, ND in 2013. It was one of the best decisions I made regarding fitness! Since then, I’ve enjoyed CrossFit as a way of staying active. I have had the pleasure of being an active box member at 6 different CF boxes in several different countries and, as with most CrossFit athletes, my love for the sport grew and I wanted to share my newfound passion with others. I earned my CrossFit Level 1 certificate and became a trainer while stationed in Korea and Holloman AFB. In 2021, I received my USA Weightlifting Level 1 Coach certification to enhance my Olympic Lifting instruction capabilities along with my CrossFit Level 2 certificate. Now, after 9 years of being part of the CrossFit community, I seek out every opportunity to train and help anyone who wants to increase their quality of life through an active lifestyle utilizing the concepts of CrossFit’s functional movement foundations.

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