$ 130.00

Unlimited CrossFit

We can't wait for you to be part of our community here at CrossFit Diamond Steel!

All crossfit classes last for one hour. You will be properly warmed up, as well as movement prepped before we begin with the skill/strength, or the workout of the day. You will be educated/reminded of the proper steps to executing higher skilled movements and being as efficient as possible.
Coaches will give advice on how to attack certain workouts as well as give you time/or the tools to cool down properly following the workouts. Most importantly, you will walk away satisfied and you will have had a lot of fun.


$ 100

Punch Card -10 Classes

A more flexible option to fit your busy schedule.

$ 15.00


Here for work or play and want to get your workout in, you have a place you can call home.


An Intro Class for FREE!

Starting off can be intimidating for many and that's why we have a guided intro experience for you.

Our intro program will help you get started with our certified coaches helping you along the way.


    • Intro to Crossfit Class
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